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An invaluable tool in the complex task of candidate selection.


There are a number of tools available that assist in the complex and difficult task of selecting the perfect candidate for the available position, the Skills PawPrint decision support system provides multiple graphical and numerical overviews of each candidate,  this facilitates a detailed analysis and drill-down into any chosen skill or attribute.

This type of analysis highlights any mismatches between job requirements and the candidate's skills which, in turn, greatly assists in the task of determining the best person for the position.

The figure below demonstrates one of the other ways the data is summarized and displayed:-


In the above example the 'Cover' of the candidate is 93% This indicates that a long-term position would be suitable for this particular candidate. However, as the 'Match' is only 78% and if the job were an Interim position, then maybe there could be a better candidate available. Why? Well, if we look at his/her Database skills, overall there is a wide and general skills coverage, however the job specifically demands Access which is not the candidates strong point. So, if an immediate short-term contribution to the job was required then possibly a more appropriate candidate could be selected etc..

The Skills PawPrint displays can be printed out and provide a quick and easy summary of the candidates interviewed and can act as the principal differentiator for the discerning Client


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"The saying that a 'picture is worth a thousand words' is so true. With the SkillsPawPrint it became obvious that the person we had just interviewed was far more suited to a long-term position than to the available interim position." Bill - St Albans.

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