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An invaluable tool in the complex task of candidate selection.


SkillsPawPrint.co.uk provides HR professionals with the technology to provide a differentiated service for their clients.

Skills PawPrint enables users to visualize both their prioritized skill requirements and their opinions on the candidates concerned.

Skills PawPrint technology outlines where compromises can be made and can highlight the ever changing views of the client. This is the first time that resourcing professionals have at their fingertips such technology. It enables HR professionals to provide additional support and guidance to both their clients and candidates and provides:-

1. A HIGHER PROFILE with Clients
2. A printed SUMMARY of the candidates
3. A VALUE ADDED differentiated service

In addition to a CD-ROM, each Skills PawPrint product comes with a detailed user manual and a full instruction set. ( Any passwords used are handed over at the point of delivery and are not documented with the User Guides or elsewhere within the system.)

Call us today to discuss your requirements and, using our extensive experience over a range of projects, help you help your clients and win business

Andrew Ainger
Tel: 01582 469 973

E-mail:-  andrew.ainger @ skillspawprint .co.uk
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