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An invaluable tool in the task of complex decision making.


SkillsPawPrint is the result of extensive data analysis work by the PawPrint team in the area of Human Centred Systems. The PawPrint concept came about during the analysis of complex data sets in a wide variety of businesses.

In order to keep the application as straight forward as possible, it was decided not to use the regular database software tools, but to adopt Microsoft's Excel to perform the task. As Excel is the main element behind the PawPrint tool it is possible for updates to be provided by not only by the PawPrint team, but also by the user themselves. This makes the PawPrint system very flexible and able to be adapted to many tasks.

Skills PawPrint combines modern computer display techniques with advanced analytical methods to assist the User to determine which candidate best meets the job's skills requirements. This unique balance of mathematical analysis, graphical techniques combined with User skill and judgment, provides unsurpassed levels confidence in candidate selection.

For further information on any of the Skills PawPrint products please contact:


Andrew Ainger
Tel: 01582 469 973

E-mail:-  andrew.ainger @ skillspawprint .co.uk
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